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Why do B2B brands choose BrandOps over BlueOcean?

BrandOps provides objective brand metrics.


BrandOps' AI focuses on brand measurement with an emphasis on continuous
brand improvement through our insights and goals.

In contrast, BlueOcean's brand metrics are so nuanced that it's extremely difficult for an AI
to accurately measure, often leading to inconsistencies in month-over-month results.

BrandOps offers more insights that lead to more growth.

Real-Time Data Collection
Unified Source of Brand Intelligence
Collects 100+ Signals
AI-Based Recommendations
Category Health Analysis  
Brand Data Science  
Share of Every Brand Signal (SoE)  
Competitive Marketing Intelligence  
Relate Brand Activity to SEO
and Web Traffic
Google, Slack, Marketo,
and HubSpot Integrations


BlueOcean vs BrandOps: the difference in product philosophy

BrandOps is built
for funnel growth.

BlueOcean is built for
brand image creation.


BrandOps was designed with a belief that the primary purpose
of brands is to amplify business performance.
Dominance across the purchase path is what creates growth,
and it's the centerpiece of BrandOps' measurement philosophy.

Every metric and insight found in BrandOps leads back to answering the same question: "How does this affect my brand growth,
and what can I do to improve it?" 

Features such as monitoring the brand tone of voice, emotional impact across touchpoints, and content themes are the staple of
the BlueOcean brand monitoring platform.

They are best suited for the creative brand builder archetype, whose growth methodology of choice is through the creation of a
desired brand image in the marketplace.


Experience the BrandOps difference.