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The Platform

Actionable Insights

BrandOps is a SaaS platform that turns customer and market data into insights that allow you to make high-impact improvements to your messaging, positioning, creative, media mix and overall advertising performance. BrandOps also helps organizations improve their customer experience beyond the digital touchpoints that marketing teams own and control.


Today’s companies need a holistic view of their brand health. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t have this capability because brand touches so many parts of the company and the data is scattered. Brand data lives in social media systems, PR systems, CX platform, Marketing Automation systems, homegrown databases and several other sources. That’s the problem – with the data scattered around the enterprise, it’s almost impossible to find answers.

A Pre-Integrated Marketing Intelligence Solution

Building a database is hard – and building a brand data lake/warehouse is even harder. We’ve removed the pain by using a modern “Cloud Data Platform” approach to delivering answers. Our solution resides securely in the cloud and scales with your needs. The platform constantly collects data about you and your competitors and runs through our artificial intelligence algorithms to identify continuous insights.

Unify Your Marketing Intelligence

  • Track 80+ Marketing Metrics

  • Integrate Survey Data

  • News Mentions & Reach

  • Press Release Monitoring

  • Brand Image Analysis

  • Video Analytics

  • Podcast Mentions

  • Employer Reputation Monitoring

  • eCommerce Rating & Reviews

  • Competitor Marketing Calendars

  • Rating & Review Intelligence

  • Website Effectivity Analysis

  • Search and Display Ad Intelligence

  • Blog Performance

  • Metric Database & Benchmarks

  • Social Media's Impact on Brand

  • Brand-to-Web Page Analysis

  • Share of Web Traffic

  • Share of Search

  • Competitor Webinar Analysis

  • Competitor Email Discovery

Key capabilities

COmpetitor insights
channel performance
web effifacy
Competitor Insights
Evaluate brand performance
relative to competitors.
Channel Performance

Know if your brand is present
in all the right channels.

Web Efficacy

Determine Web efficacy (ranks,
backlinks, change notifications).

Team Enablement
Share Insights and Reports with team members on brand health.
Brand Tracking
Brand Tracking

Capture brand preferences via integrated brand tracking surveys.

Multichannel Automation

Automated data collection and analysis across digital channels.

The BrandOps Platform is the
underlying technical layer that:

  • Easily connects to internal corporate systems

  • Collects data from public websites
    and other brand signal locations

  • Organizes all of your brand data for easy analysis

  • Provides insights and answers via
    our dashboard and analytics API


Activate your marketing superpowers

Read the brand health measurement e-book or
schedule a guided demo of the BrandOps platform today.