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MarTech: Proof by BrandOps


BrandOps proves
MarTech value.

Proof by BrandOps

BrandOps is the leading provider of brand measurement and monitoring solutions. Our platform analyzes dozens of digital channels (web, social, reviews, etc.) and shows how a brand is growing, stalling, or falling.

We work with MarTech providers to validate the outcomes of your technology. By analyzing brand lift, you and your customers can see tangible results. The ‘Proof by BrandOps’ program enables you to integrate your solution directly into the BrandOps platform

Compare Brand Strength Before and After

The proof is in the number. BrandOps partners will capture their customer’s brand strength from a starting point to another evaluation point. By baselining the scores, customers are able to see the extent to which their brand health improved.

Typically, a MarTech provider will focus on:

  • a specific channel (email, Web, social, voice/video, etc.)
  • a brand pillar (brand awareness, brand interest, brand reputation, brand presence)
  • a specific goal (become the category king)

The ‘Proof by BrandOps’ program provides visibility across channels, pillars, metrics, and goals.

Closed-loop brand benchmarking

Customers want proof that their investments are paying off. Closed-loop brand benchmarking provides the insights needed.

The model is simple. BrandOps provides the API to access brand metrics and scores – and you tailor your user interface to show the results. End customers get a continuous view of how their brand performs over time.

Let’s do this!

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