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Financial Services

Financial services brands are faced with a product adoption challenge, as a large portion of the industry remains loyal to incumbents. Brands that win customer trust in this crucial period will be set up for future category leadership positions.

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Brand Presence Drives
Category Growth

Drive Awareness and Adoption

The digital era, coupled with the new reality of the COVID-19 pandemic has shined a light on the CX possibilities of innovative financial services brands, and additionally, raised the customer expectations that are not being met by many incumbents.

  • Track brand signals that indicate adoption objections and resistance
  • Identify opportunities to grow awareness around your superior offerings
  • Drive trials by stealing digital brand presence from incumbents
  • Identify thought leaders that inspire adoption

Establish Brand Reputation

Financial services are entrusted with the financial safety of their customers. Because those stakes are high, consumer’s choice of a services provider is both careful and deliberate. Brands must demonstrate the ability to deliver on their promises and build relationships with consumers in order to earn their trust as the key to succeeding in this industry.

  • Leverage “Share of Everything” to identify areas to grow brand presence
  • Monitor brand reputation across channels
  • Establish the brand image as ‘the new normal’
  • Identify strategic messaging that inspires customer trust and reduce perceived risks

Activate your marketing superpowers

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