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Measure metrics that matter.

Unified Marketing Intelligence and
Brand Health

The BrandOps Marketing Intelligence Platform provides insights that span channels and correlate to business impact. Our evidence-based playbooks rally the team around marketing's highest priorities.



Intelligent decisions to fill the funnel


Intelligent decisions
to fill the funnel

When prospects enter the market, you want them to find you first. When they do, nothing should stop
them from reaching out.

BrandOps tracks your performance to reveal what it takes to get the first look on all channels, at all times.


Brand monitoring for
the modern age

In the past, companies sent a never-ending stream of surveys to track brand awareness and preference. Times are changing. Today's digital purchase paths require a different type of brand monitoring - one that is more reliable and less bothersome to your buyers.

The BrandOps platform collects and analyzes 100's of online signals across digital channels to show your brand's strengths and weaknesses. The results are compared to your competitors, resulting in a roadmap to improving your brand and growing your revenue.

Unified Marketing Intelligence


Overcome marketing's 7 silos

The MarTech landscape has seven silos that inhibit cross-channel and business impact analysis.

BrandOps' zero-click integration unifies the data silos
allowing you to answer marketing's
most important questions.  


Sanity metrics,
not vanity metrics.

BrandOps uses data science to reveal which of your metrics are vanity metrics (low correlation to business outcomes), and which ones correlate to meaningful business outcomes (sanity metrics).

End the debate once and for all. Share a prioritized set of metrics for the whole team to rally around.


Know your competitors
better than they know themselves

Companies with a high digital presence are discovered
early in the buyer's journey. This gives them the advantage of leading the customers through the
funnel by framing their thinking about the category.


BrandOps creates an instant impact.

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