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Go beyond
social listening.

Grow your impact using insights
from every digital channel.

Go beyond social listening.

Loved by fast-growing companies

Capture every mention
and post.

BrandOps monitors mentions, posts, and performance on all major social media platforms (including Reddit), over 6,000 news sources, email newsletters, and podcasts. Our advanced AI reduces noise, even for common word brand names. You'll only see true brand mentions.

You don't just get mentions and posts of your own brand, you also get those of your competitors. Competing with a large company? With BrandOps, you can zoom in on mentions of single products.

Capture every mention and post.

Become a brand buyers
love to engage with.

Get signals across all digital channels that reveal how people feel about your brand. Pinpoint promoters and detractors and respond to them quickly.

Discover the most popular posts, terms, and topics in your category so you know what resonates with your audience. See the content they share most often.

Become a brand buyers love to engage with.

Demonstrate social's
business impact.

Earn more budget for social media programs. Use BrandOps to prove how social contributes to revenue and your other marketing channels. Make an undeniable case for your stakeholders.

Get automated reports to easily show off your progress and growth on social and other channels you support.

Demonstrate social's business impact.

Benchmark your
social performance.

BrandOps compares your performance on all social media platforms to competitors and leading brands.
It's the easiest way to achieve best-in-class performance.

See what it takes to outperform your rivals, and where you need to improve. Set goals to continuously track progress with your teams.

Benchmark your social performance.

Own your competitors' content calendars.

Your competitors' content calendars are now just one click away. Keep an eye on what and when they're posting across all social media platforms. Know which messages they emphasize and the audiences they're targeting.

Content calendars are updated automatically,
so you don't have to lift a finger.

Own your competitors' content calendars.

Know the who, what, and where of your audience.

Discover the websites your audience visits, the YouTube channels they watch, which podcasts they listen to, and press accounts they read.

Knowing your audience is the key to making relevant content. With BrandOps, it's never been easier.

Audience Intelligence

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