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How BrandOps works

BrandOps provides a map of your category,
then highlights the best route to winning it.

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Automated non-stop collection
of brand & category data

BrandOps AI automatically scours through the internet and collects thousands of data points on your brand & category every day.

B2B Brand Intelligence
The data includes, but is not limited to podcast mentions your brand got, news mentions, social media post volume, and much more.

B2B Category Intelligence
The data includes, but is not limited to brand intelligence data of competitor brands, new entrants in your category, TAM size estimation, audience segments, and more.


Kill data silos to achieve brand consistency

BrandOps data platform is where all this fragmented data is transformed
into a unified source of brand & channel metrics, insights, and stories.

BrandOps is a 360-degree view of your brand & your category.
Your teams can now connect all marketing activities to the shared, big picture goals
and support them with a continuous flow of insights, ending marketing silos.

Act on the marketing move with the greatest impact

2022-02-05 (2)

The BrandOps AI will consider your goals, progress & resources in addition to complete data on your brand & category
to automatically and continuously suggest your next most effective marketing move, based on AI projections.

Simulate brand investments before making them



BrandOps' "what-if analysis" uses AI to calculate how strongly any potential marketing move will contribute to
the realization of one of your 3 ultimate goals: favorable audience perceptions, funnel impact, or revenue growth.

This allows you to make effective marketing investments based on expected returns rather than assumptions.
Inversely, it warns you if the causal dynamic between potential marketing investment and the desired outcome is too weak,
directing you away from marketing efforts that will waste your resources.

Justify new budgets based
on hard evidence

Similarly to the aforementioned "what-if" analysis, BrandOps uses
AI-based correlation calculations to prove how strongly any of your marketing activities, investments, or channels contribute to the realization of a marketing or business outcome of your choice.

This allows B2B marketers to provide evidence for their
contribution to the organization's ultimate goals
and justify new budgets.

causal flow

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