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How BrandOps Works

Non-stop collection of
marketing data.

Marketing activity and audience response data is the lifeblood of the BrandOps platform. BrandOps uses a broad set of data collectors and APIs to gather digital signals and content for brands you monitor. These signals include owned, earned, and paid activity across all digital channels.

The data is collected automatically, without the need for complex integrations. Data maintenance is handled by BrandOps.

Non-stop collection of marketing data.

Turning data into insights without the busywork.

BrandOps takes data burdens off your ops teams. The data is collected, maintained, and made sense of in our platform. It lets BrandOps provide you with automated analysis and visualization of brand health and marketing performance. No data scientists are required. Now everyone in marketing can get on-demand answers to marketing's toughest questions.

Need to get everyone on the same page? With BrandOps, you can build advanced reports in a flash, share findings to Slack and Teams, or bring BrandOps data to other platforms via our API.

Marketing Data Platform

Benchmark anything.

Your teams now have a unified view of your marketing across all Channels and Marketing Pillars, relative to competitors, business outcomes, and category best practices.

It's never been easier to know what best-in-class performance looks like, and the goals you need to hit to achieve it - no matter the channel or metric.

BrandOps Benchmarks

Be guided toward
impactful actions.

The breadth of marketing you have can be overwhelming. To make it actionable, BrandOps' AI analyzes everything for you and provides recommendations to help you improve.

All the channels and metrics are summarized into four unique Marketing Pillars: Attention, Presence, Reputation, and Momentum. Pillar and Channel Scores, based on each brand’s achievement of best-practice benchmarks, make it easy to see where you should focus next.

Be guided toward impactful actions.

Go beyond Share of Voice.

Marketers who appreciate comprehensive data love BrandOps. The platform expands on the Share of Voice model with our unique Share of Everything (SoE) measure. It uses far more signals than what was previously practical.

BrandOps' Share of Everything values are based on all earned, owned, and paid performance and activity across all digital channels. For deeper analyses, SoE can be broken down into granular "Share Of" measures for individual metrics such as "Share of LinkedIn Engagement."

Share of Everything

The bigger your data, the bigger your results.

Enrich your BrandOps experience with more data from your favorite platforms such as Marketo, HubSpot, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Search Console, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, and Twitter Ads.

Integrating more data also helps Automated Data Science that runs within the BrandOps platform find unique insights such as metric-to-metric correlations, recommendations for improvement, and more.

BrandOps integrations

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