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Learn about all the ways you can use BrandOps
to grow revenue & outperform your competitors.


Top performing brands (per-metric)


Which brands in your category perform the best at each metric? What does that say about their strategy?

Discover it all in BrandOps.

Top brands (per brand pillar)


"Brand" has many aspects; it's your reputation with buyers, it's how discoverable you are, and it's the attention you're able to command.

BrandOps shows you how well your and your competitor's brands are performing at each of those aspects.

Category leaders (market share)


Which brands have the most market share? Which brands are on their way to win more market share - and which ones will decline? BrandOps compiles all the category & brand data to answer these questions.

Highest ad spenders


Which brands have the highest advertising spend? What do they spend it on? When do they spend it? BrandOps answers these questions.


Share of Everything

Share of Everything is a sum of your "Share of X" across all digital channels. Unlike Share of Search or Share of Voice, Share of Everything uses far more channels & signals for a more accurate analysis.

Brands that achieve Share of Everything levels higher than their current market share
can expect to grow more market share & grow faster than their competitors.

Share of Everything


Share of Owned

BrandOps shows how much owned media your brand possesses relative to your competitors on an aggregate level.
Brands with a high Share of Owned have a stronger presence across the purchase path.



Share of Earned

BrandOps shows how much earned media your brand enjoys relative to your competitors on an aggregate level.

A high percentage of Share of Earned usually indicates that your marketing is successful across all 4 Ps.



Share of Paid

BrandOps shows how much media your brand pays for relative to your competitors on any given month.

Marketers use this to understand which competitors have more resources, which channels they prioritize,
and what it suggests about their marketing strategy.



Share of Search

BrandOps offers a panel that shows how much branded search your brand is enjoying relative to your competitors.

High level of Share of Search is one of the strongest traits of a healthy brand, as it means more buyers seek out your brand
during a period of a purchase need relative to the category. 





Track your competitor's content calendar, activities and messages


What are your competitors posting? What's the key message they drive at every content stage?

How does each content piece perform, and what does it indicate about the target audience? How can you expose their content cadence to win? Discover it in BrandOps.

Track your own & your competitor's ads


BrandOps tracks all types of digital ads across your category to help you optimize your ad spend, optimize the copy & creative of your ads, and more.

Track your own & competitor's channel performance


BrandOps offers a cross-channel comparison of your brand performance relative to competitors at all times.

Use this feature to learn at which channel has each brand excelled at on any given month, how other marketing teams in your company are performing, and how it all compounds into long-term category dominance.

Track your own & competitor's aggregate brand performance


Ultimately, BrandOps compiles your performance relative to competitors across all channels into a simple, high-level summary of how your brand is ranked in the category, what it means for your future growth aspirations, and where your priorities should be.

Track & compare market share


BrandOps offers you the ability to see how all marketing activities affect your market share levels relative to competitors.

Over a longer period of time, this information enables you to maximize your marketing effectiveness.

Track your own & competitor's third-party mentions


BrandOps compiles your and your competitor's mentions across all channels to tell you
whether your message is resonating, and how other people talk about your brand.

Track & compare audiences (available to beta partners)

BrandOps supports SparkToro integration to provide you with continuous insights on your brand's, or your competitor's audiences.



Maintain a consistent & correct brand strategy application

Is your brand consistent with its visual identity guidelines across all channels? 

Are you saying the right message, at the right place, at the right time?

Monitor it all on BrandOps' "identity" feature.

Brand Strategy



Try these features yourself.