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High Tech and SaaS Providers

High Tech companies are constantly challenged by new innovations and new competitors. Recently, companies have focused on product-led growth to get traction with an initial offering. But for continued growth, companies must build loyal customers that are excited about your new products, and become early adopters because they believe in your brand.

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Brand Presence Drives
Category Growth

Drive Thought Leadership

In high-tech, a brand is driven by thought leadership. Customers want solutions that are best-in-class – and they want to know that your organization has the ability to continue innovating.

  • Track thought leaders inside your organization and relative to competitors
  • Identify specific messages that are resonating with your target audience
  • Ensure your share of digital voice is optimized to grow market share

Win The Category

Unlike many industries, a high-tech category typically has a few winners – and several losers. Brands that are able to distinguish themselves from the pack grow market share and are able to use their brand equity to drive price premiums, increase market cap, and be positioned for M&A and category consolidation.

  • View the category dynamics in real-time to focus on the real competition
  • Optimize the ‘share of everything’ to drive message cadence and awareness
  • Use category data to drive valuation discussions and focus M&A opportunities

Activate your marketing superpowers

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