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BrandOps makes all marketing
teams more successful.

For Brand Marketing

Amplify your ABM programs

BrandOps pinpoints improvements needed to drive more accounts to your funnel before your competitors get any intent data on them.

Use BrandOps to amplify the results of your ABM efforts.

Real-time comparisons of
brands in your category

BrandOps provides you with ongoing insights on how brands in your category compare across various different criteria.

This allows you to know your brand's current strengths and weaknesses, and what your brand needs to do in order to
become the leading brand in your category.

For Product Marketing

Monitor positioning & messaging across the category

Product marketers use BrandOps to get an on-demand access to positioning & messaging across the category.

This enables them to detect optimal product positioning opportunities that can create a lasting advantage
over the competitors.

Adjust the product based on
sentiment & product reviews

BrandOps provides ongoing insights about the market's sentiment about your products to inform product marketing on how to
deliver an offer that best meets customer needs.

For Marketing Leadership

Illuminate the dark funnel

Marketers use attribution to know the customer journey.
The problem is that attribution data is limited to
obvious mid-to-bottom funnel channels.

BrandOps shows how your brand affects non-buyers on an aggregate level, across channels unreachable by
attribution software.

Know the impact of brand spend

BrandOps shows how strongly the brand spend impacts key brand metrics, adjacent marketing metrics, and business outcomes.

This allows marketing leaders to optimize the brand spend
for maximum effectiveness and efficiency, while
serving as a foundation to align all marketing
teams on the same goals.

All the insights needed to win a category


See how your brand compares over time



Spot the new
category entrants



Track your competitor's calendar & messages


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