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Roles & use cases

Enable the whole team to focus on brand

BrandOps integrates marketing silos by providing a single view of the brand.
Marketers can quickly determine how their brand is performing across teams.


Brand Leaders

Brand leaders want to ensure that the image and reputation of the brand are constantly improving. The brand marketing efforts must have a consistent cadence, be directed in the right channels, and use the approved messaging. BrandOps provides a unified platform to drive brand performance and grow market share. 


Communications Leaders

Brand analytics pinpoints problems at any stage in the funnel and across digital channels. Communication leaders use BrandOps to analyze the efficiency of the marketing funnel to rapidly reallocate investments and to remove the obstacles that affect brand performance.


Chief Marketing Officer

Enduring companies recognize that their brand is a significant component to the balance sheet. The Board of Directors and executive leaders need CMO’s to come equipped with brand performance data to demonstrate progress and justify future investments.


Marketing Operations

Marketing Operations use the BrandOps platform to cut out hours of low-value busywork. They don’t have to hunt around for brand data in different systems. BrandOps automates the integration of source systems and reduces the time to publish regular reports. Additionally, Marketing Ops can drill down to see the details on any channel to troubleshoot issues and make recommendations for improvement.

How a CMO used BrandOps to see how
brand investments improved the funnel

Diagnosing the problem

The CMO of once a fast-growing, venture backed
FinTech company reached out to BrandOps because
their market penetration started slowing down.

They were frustrated because despite their high
marketing spend, they had little visibility
on how the brand impacts the funnel.


How they solved it

BrandOps led them to find the answer to the big questions:
"Where does our brand impact the funnel?" Getting all
their marketing teams on the same page after discovering
this was the easiest thing the CMO ever did. Once they
made the right adjustments to the brand at the top of the
funnel, it spelled success to every other part of the funnel.

Following this success, the CMO decided it was time to
be more proactive. That's why they also used BrandOps
to compare their brand to the competition. The data
opened the CMO's eyes to how some competitors have
been dominating the main category channels for a while,
which led to their own brand's diminished growth rate.
This also explained why the brand wasn't making the
most of their ongoing marketing investments.


The results

Within six months, the brand saw a significant improvement in
tactical metrics such as an increase in organic search traffic,
as well as in strategic metrics such as increased MRR and ROMI.

FinTech company


Marketing Model

Business model

User testimonial:

"What I loved about using BrandOps was the ability
to see practical areas for improvement everyone can

Our marketers are specialists in their own domains.
We can't expect everyone to speak the brand language,
but we're all here for the same reason: to make our company grow and thrive.

That's exactly why we used BrandOps." 

- The CMO

How a brand marketer used BrandOps
to inform long-term business growth

Diagnosing the problem

The VP of brand marketing at a leading enterprise security
firm spent months putting pressure on their CMO to invest
more in brand marketing, but their requests fell on deaf ears.

The brand marketing VP was heard once the problem escalated.
Both the CRO and the account-based marketing manager broke
the bad news to the CMO: "We keep hitting the same accounts.
Our CAC keeps going up. We're not getting enough
inbound opportunities."


How they solved it

The VP of brand marketing turned to BrandOps. Kicking off
with a deep competitive analysis, BrandOps validated their
suspicions: the bias towards short-term marketing investments
made their brand weak over time. They are not present
across the purchase path.

With that out of the way, it was time to fix things. Using
BrandOps' channel analysis, the VP of brand marketing
identified 2 types of channels: those that will lead to early
wins, and the ones that will be the strongest drivers of
long-term growth. This informed the sequence for how
brand marketing should be deployed over time.
The team was aligned and ready to execute.


The results

8 months later, the brand saw significant improvements
in tactical metrics such as aggregate website traffic,
and in strategic metrics such as reduced CAC
and increased MRR.

Leading enterprise
security firm


Marketing Model

Business model

User testimonial:

"I'm the type of person who really dislikes risk,
but it's the nature of my job. That's why my
favorite BrandOps feature was the correlation
analysis. Connecting our brand marketing
decisions to everything we wanted to achieve
was invaluable.

When you have to turn everything around as
we did, you can't afford to make a big mistake.
You need everyone to see the full picture.
BrandOps made is possible for us." 

- VP of Brand Marketing

Brand is a team sport

Savvy companies treat brand as a cross-organization discipline. When a brand is strong, it amplifies the effectiveness of everything marketing does. The BrandOps platform was intentionally designed to embrace the range of needs from executive leadership through the day-to-day analysis.  Now, the entire organization
can participate in brand improvement opportunities.

team sport

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